How I became a Gator fan

     In the early 80's, The Gators were pretty good. They tended to
 wear orange. My opinion was "Those pumpkins can't play football!".
 They won the S.E.C. and promptly had the championship vacated. Then
 I moved here. Sports tended to be the Gators or the Braves and I
 have been a Yankee fan always. What to do.

     I listened to the Gators. They tried hard and were good if not
 great. They had Kerwin Bell and Ricky Nattiel. Then Emmit Smith.
 Galen Hall was the coach. He was a really nice guy. That's why he
 got fired. It never seemed fair.

	So in 1990, Florida hired Steve Spurrier. I knew he had tied
 for the A.C.C. at Duke, but I wondered why everyone was excited.
 The Gators became fun. One game against the Noles was played up in
 the air, and a lot of bad calls were made. Keith Jackson wondered 
if the officials had ever seen an aerial game like the one they were
 botching. It was fun. One year the Gators lost to Auburn, the year
 that Auburn was banned from television, the Baby Bowden regime.
 On Monday, I still felt a little ill, which is when I got grip
 and realized it was just football. But it was fun.

     Spurrier quit, Ron Zook came and went (another nice guy), and
 then Urban Meyer came. And then Tim Tebow came. This year the Gators
 haven't been good. But strangely, they are fun, at least a little.
 For all their recent success, they haven't been much fun.
 To many close games for such an amazingly talented team.
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