Go WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is doing good work.The doom claimed to result is probably unfounded. Most of us have only bothered to glance at the leaks released through the news media. That is, the censored ones. With Net neutrality seemingly taking it in the neck already, how long before calls to censor the Net go out in the U.S., sort of like China. Like China, businesses hurry to do what they’re told. How secure is Pay Pal anyway. We might find out shortly.

Leaks are not terrorism, even if governments are terrified of truth.

I was impressed by the lack of scatological comments. It is almost as if the writers were afraid that someone unwanted might read them one day. Perhaps they remembered the airtight security at Los Alamos a while back, and took note.

I had wondered how  Israel would attack Iran if they were to do so. Now we know that it would be with the Saudi’s giving them friendly waves as they flew overhead.

I hope Assange is not a sexual predator, but if he is, and winds up in the pokie (or is not and winds up in the pokie anyway),  I hope others carry on the work. I hope someone made tapes or notes of the meetings leading up to  the bailout and stimulus package. I would be interested in knowing how Global Predatory Capitalists think. And what part of our anatomies were on the menu.

I think I know how the American government feels. I hate it when my Wiki leaks.

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