Tunisia’s future

The dictator of Tunisia has gotten the hell out of Dodge. He has taken his billion(s) and been given refuge in Saudi Arabia. Good for him. But he never had trouble keeping a lid on things before so why leave? Was he told to, or did he just realize what a rotten sod he had been and left in a bout of remorse. Anyway, his departure has been hailed as a victory for the Arab street, and a warning to dictators and kings all over the Arab world. They are now officially warned. Oh yeah, Hamas has said this is a warning to Abbas as well. Tunisia, which once gave a home to the PLO, is now given a chance for a free democracy.

Does Tunisia have what it takes to have one? Newspapers have pointed out that radical Islam has had no place there. I’m afraid that may change. Algeria is rough on dissidents. It may just be a short walk to a safe haven.

It’s a rough neighborhood all around. Gaddafi would seem about ready to move on himself, and what would happen if Mubarak were to be assassinated. I’m not saying Tunisia can’t find it’s way post dictatorship, but I am doubtful. I think change is imminent, and not just in Tunisia.

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