Had we preempted 9/11, things would be different (probably) . But we didn’t, nor did we empt it. Our nonemption led us to our post-nonemptive invasion of Afghanistan, a justifiable outcome to an act of war, and a work still in progress.

We have been led to the TSA and the DHS . This is interesting. I never had a Homeland before. I had my country, I identified myself as American, but I never had a Homeland, in my mind, nor a Fatherland for that matter. But I guess I was wrong. Homeland is such a Soviet word. I wonder who dream’t it up for us. Probably some guy at the Harvard School for Social Engineering, or some similar institution if that one doesn’t exist. But it gives me a creepy feeling. Like we have our own private Stasi. Papers please!

I grew up in the 60’s, though many would disagree with that assertion. I always assumed that the FBI could tap phone calls and intercept mail, with or without a warrant. When I first heard about Echelon, I didn’t believe it. That is, I didn’t believe it could be done in any timely or useful manner. Obviously, computers must have gotten faster. Time for an upgrade. I wonder if anyone outside the NSA will read this ?

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