Free and transparent stock markets

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. Jobs have to be shipped overseas because Americans make too much money to be competitive on the globalist markets. Shareholders deserve the the greatest return on investment possible. After bonuses. This is more important than the welfare of workers or the survival of nations. Regardless of who or what these investors are. The markets are free and open to all. After-hours trading not withstanding. With un or under regulated Dark Markets competing on differences of transaction times under a millisecond. Globalists sure type fast.

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How Israel might fall

With the World Bank, IMF, and the U.N declaring that Palestinian authorities are ready to form a functioning government if the Israelis would just get out of the way, Hamas not withstanding, I am led to conjecture how those who desire Israel’s annihilation might bring it about short of World War 3. Perhaps a Ghandiesque figure leading millions in peaceful protest, like those relief flotillas that were turned back, only this would be unending. Wouldn’t Israel blink? I think they might. Their allies would be likely to desert them, even perhaps the U.S. . Of course many small and larger wars would likely be fought before before this Ghandilicious figure would gain any traction. Just conjecture at any rate.

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Close games in the Dance

There were the Gators, up by 11 and heading for 21. What to do. Eliminate Vernon Macklin as a threat. A minute later, with 4 personals, that’s what happened and Butler climbed back in. A lot of teams climb back in when the refs get involved. It makes for compelling television. Anyone can win at the end. But more or less, it better be at the end.

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Libyan oil and area wide change

Apparently, a deal to safeguard Libyan oil has been reached. Regime change can now take place. The protesters of Bahrain will not be so lucky. The U.S. needs it’s bases. Yemen is out of control anyway, so who knows. An invasion there is not out of the question. Hezbollah and Hamas may make all this a sideshow anyway. Will Assad make some suicidal gesture to maintain power? Not yet and right now he doesn’t have to.

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A new pledge of allegiance

During a dark moment, about 9 am this morning, I wrote this more accurate pledge for our modern circumstances. –
“I pledge allegiance to the logo of the The Globalist Enterprise of America, and to the multi-nationals for which it stands, one populace under corporate governance, with liberty and justice for the rich.”

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Celebration penalties

Imagine this. A defensive lineman picks up the ball, rumbles slowly, in most instances, toward the goal line and trips, performing a front flip while crossing the line and winning the game. Not so fast etc. and so forth. The penalty is called on the one, the lineman obviously having called undue attention to himself, and the ball is moved to the 16. The touchdown is nullified and time expires. All of a sudden, there are 2 No Fun Leagues. This should be popular in the S.E.C., where the powers that be resemble Blackbeard the pirate with the ghost of The Bear perched on their shoulders. Also in the Mob. You don’t think all those crummy calls you see are an accident , do you?

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Nome Lemuel

Nome Lemuel entered the big white house and was ushered into the office of The Great Kenyan Father.                                                                                                                                    ” Great Kenyan Father” he said” I must leave you.”
“How come?” asked the GKF.
“I go to take my place as the emeneffing mayor of emeneffing Chicago.”                        “Must you talk like that?” groused the GKF.
“Yes.” said Nome. “I was dropped on my head as a child, and ever since, it just comes out.”
“Oh, that’s alright then” said the GKF ” but you live here. It would be illegal.”
“In Chicago, they don’t sweat the small stuff.” said Nome. “And anyway, I have good friends there, judges and stuff.”                                                                                                         “Then go with my blessing.” said the GKF and Nome went off.
The Great Kenyan Father watched the door close and began to whistle tunelessly. He turned to see his wife staring at him.                                                                                     “Have you gotten good news, then?” she asked.
“Yes.” said the GKF. “Nome has left us to conquer Chicago.”
“I thought he would never leave.” she said and began to whistle the theme from ‘The Andy Griffith Show’, and she did it quite well.

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